An Experienced, Effective and Respected Neutral Providing Other ADR Services

Frank is an experienced, effective and respected Atlanta neutral who combines the abilities of a Georgia Super Lawyer® with the experience of an effective and widely respected mediator, arbitrator and neutral. In addition to being a successful mediator and serving as an arbitrator for over twenty-five years for parties who have privately retained him and as a member of various arbitration neutral panels, Frank has also served as a:

  • A neutral in mock trials and arbitrations to help parties and their counsel analyze their case in advance of a mediation or an actual trial/arbitration
  • Early neutral evaluator on cases
  • Special master
  • Discovery referee
  • Hearing officer
  • Member of dispute resolution boards

Frank’s complete resume can be viewed by clicking on the button at the top right of this page. To reserve his services as a neutral and view his calendar and availability, go to, click on the blue box entitled “Advanced ADR Search,” then enter the last name “Lightmas” and click on the calendar icon at the right under “View Calendar”. Interested counsel or parties are always welcome to call Frank at his office (404) 876-3335 or cell (404) 274-1080 or email him at