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Frank is an experienced, effective and respected Atlanta mediator who combines the abilities of a Georgia Super Lawyer® with the experience of an effective and widely-respected mediator. He is certified by and registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution as a neutral in the areas of arbitration, general mediation and early neutral evaluation.

Advocates and their clients have used the following terms in describing Frank's work as a mediator:

  • The Best, Great, Professional, Respectful
  • Great disposition, Fair-minded, Even-keeled, Objective
  • Creative, Determined, Intelligent, Knowledgeable
  • Effective communicator, Empathetic, Good bedside manner
  • Persistent, Patient, Persuasive, Pragmatic
  • Prepared, Thorough, Hard-working

Frank is a successful mediator who has mediated hundreds of cases in over twenty-three different states and the District of Columbia. Most have been commercial and business cases, and 90% have settled. Many have involved complex, multi-party disputes, the largest of which involved over 200 parties. Frank is one of the leading and most experienced financial, securities and FINRA mediators in the country, and has mediated securities and investment Ponzi schemes involving millions of dollars of losses. He employs evaluative, facilitative and transformative techniques to aid the mediation process and actively uses evaluative techniques and reality testing approaches to advance the process if appropriate and the parties request. Click here to see what others say about Frank’s work as a mediator.

Frank also provides mediation coaching prior to an actual mediation to help a party and his or her counsel prepare for the mediation. He will familiarize them with the mediation process, explain to them what they can and cannot expect to happen during a mediation, prepare them for possible developments during the mediation and how to respond to them, and explain the role of the mediator and how to interact with the mediator. This approach enables parties and their counsel to more effectively participate in mediation and increases the likelihood that that the mediation will be positive and successful. Because Frank has represented parties in many mediations as their counsel and because of his extensive mediation experience as the mediator in hundreds of other mediations, he is uniquely qualified to provide sound mediation coaching to parties and their counsel.

Frank is a member of many Georgia state judicial panels and has been inducted into a number of recognized national and international mediation groups such as:

Frank’s complete resume can be viewed by clicking on the button at the top right of this page. To reserve his services as a mediator and view his calendar and availability, go to, click on the blue box entitled “Advanced ADR Search,” then enter the last name “Lightmas” and click on the calendar icon at the right under “View Calendar”. Interested counsel or parties are always welcome to call Frank at his office (404) 876-3335 or cell (404) 274-1080 or email him at